Asp net form not validating

This means that enabling validation is really easy for common application scenarios, while at the same time still remaining very flexible for more advanced ones. NET MVC 2 that takes advantage of the new built-in Data Annotation validation support.Specifically, let’s implement a “Create” form that enables a user to enter friend data: We want to ensure that the information entered is valid before saving it in a database – and display appropriate error messages if it isn’t: We want to enable this validation to occur on both the server and on the client (via Java Script).

Also remember to perform server-side validation in addition to client side validation as Java Script can be turned off by the user, there by bypassing the validation on client-side!

The Default Model Binder class had validation hooks as well as built-in support for IData Error Info for validation.

In addition to validation, there are also possible model-binding errors.

The conversation was kick-started by my blog post about the Required attribute and what it does (and does not) mean.

More importantly, I want to re-address the security issues I brought up in the last post, now in the context of Model Validation, to understand whether this change makes your applications more secure.


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