Berlin dating bars

More than 350 air strikes took aim at the city between the years of 19, civilians were killed in the tens of thousands, and buildings dating back to Medieval times were leveled.

What had once been a hub of culture was all but erased from existence.

The drinks are inexpensive, which means it’s a fairly young crowd, happily enjoying a game of pool or foosball among friends.

There are live bands occasionally on the weekends, and the unpretentious vibe lasts well into the early hours when the place gets progressively louder and smokier, right up until the am closing time.

These cool kids take their inspiration and bar philosophy from bands like Velvet Underground and The Stooges, with soft spots for punk, experimental, and any other subset of rock-n-roll you can come up with.

8mm balances all the thrashing with tip-top bar service from a snarky and smart international crew that will have you planning on becoming a regular fixture on the guest set list.

” Opened in 2004, it is based in a disused power plant in the Friedrichshain neighbourhood in the city's east.

The name is reference to its position near the boundary between the Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain neighbourhoods.

Proudly owned by employees and solely dedicated to the love of music, the bar supplements this affection with top-notch DJ sets, occasional concerts, cheap drinks, and a steady flow of regulars mixed in with a few in-the-know tourists and the occasional rock star sighting.Bar Marqués is a lovely underground haven beneath a Spanish restaurant in the low-key ‘Graefekiez’ neighborhood of Kreuzberg.Arrive and you get the impression that you have stumbled into a 1920s Parisian jazz club.This naughty nightclub is another Berlin institution.Opened by a pornographic filmmaker in 1994, it is infamous for the eye-popping goings-on you are likely to see inside.In its second incarnation, the bar and restaurant has taken over an enormous Irish pub but kept the faux-Asian elements it inherited from its last home in a Chinese restaurant in Torstrasse, leading to a hallucinogenic mixture of design styles.


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