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Please note that these dates are the approximate date of manufacture at the factory and NOT date of receipt by the wholesaler, retailer or when it was first advertised or purchased that always happened later.

Gaps between the serial numbers I give are ones I’ve not found and documented.

The models I’ve found to have the same SN sequence are the Mitchell 300/301, 300C/301C, 300DL/301DL, Otomatic, 330/331, Rapid, 350/351 400/401, 410/411, 410DL, 440/441, 440/441 Match, Garcia Mitchell Match (no 440/441 engraved), 500, 510 and 540.

Other Classic Egg-Shape models made after 1970 were included in the same serial number sequence.

I purchased the Mitchell 308 Spinning Reel after checking out a few reviews that were quite favorable.

They actually convinced me to purchase one and I was not disappointed one bit. I have used it for species of freshwater fish there is.

The Bale works when it's supposed to and that's awesome. Hard to put a value on how much fun my old friend and I have had together. I used my reel in the ocean plenty of times too, it beats all, took on that salt water like it was the same as fresh water. I bought this reel as a rod/reel combo from Sportsmans Warehouse.

With the introduction of the next generation of MITCHELL 300 spinning reels, we remain dedicated to our heritage of creating trusted fishing tackle and memories that last a life time.

With an innovative Bail Halo design that provides superior line management properties and unmatched strength, anglers experience outstanding performance from the legend in spinning reels.

I've had other Spinning Reels that I got rid of because of Bale issues. I'm quite satisfied with my purchase and recently purchased a Mitchell 300. I found another twin to my original while searching the Goodwill for vinyl albums. I have horsed up 10 pound Walleyes from 40 feet down with this 300, walk in the park, never a problem. I have had it for over 3 months and every time I use this reel it fits my hand like a glove.

It has smooth action, great gear ratio, and reliable parts.


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