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I wouldn’t doubt Le Ann going out of her way to torment Brandi.

While Brandi Glanville spent Mother’s Day with her two sons, Le Ann Rimes enjoyed dinner with their father: her husband and Glanville’s ex, Eddie Cibrian.

Le Ann Rimes took the stage as the headline act at Pride Fest, which is part of the LGBT Pride revelries being thrown in New York City on Sunday.

The 34-year-old smoldered in a see-through sleeveless black dress, showing off her black underwear and her enviably chiseled frame as she performed.

@edensassoonexplant” [Credit: Instagram]Appearing on E! ’s Daily Pop, Brandi joked that with her long history of expertise in attracting menfolk, she’s the “perfect person” to oversee the auctioning. RELATED – Brandi Performs The Vagina Monologues For Charity Brandi can’t just do a good deed without punishing someone else, however.

It’s obvious that Brandi Glanville has not gotten over her marriage from the actor.Ariana Fay, Broadway Sings For Pride, BETTY, Reesa Renee, Phenom Risen, Damion Anthony and Johnathan Celestin were booked to play that gig on Sunday too.Only the night before heading over to New York City Pride, Le Ann had sung onstage at Pride in Houston, and she's posted a video of part of that performance to Twitter.I thought everyone was finally getting along but apparently not. You would think that people would mature and be different, but there’s still some craziness happening. Sometimes it’s great, and right now it’s not.”Brandi believes Eddie is planning to last three more years with Le Ann, then when he’s eligible for of half her assets under California’s community property laws, file for divorce. After that, Brandi thinks she’ll be able to find peace with Eddie.“I think when the ten year mark comes, and he leaves her and takes half of her stuff, then we’ll all be good together.“It’s a little rocky right now,” Brandi admitted to Daily Pop. She doesn’t have a kid with him, so we don’t ever have to see her again.Well, I guess it’s nice to see Brandi baring it all for a good cause, for once!


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