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Bushenyi — Principal Judge Yorokamu Bamwine has condemned magistrates who impose jail sentences onto breastfeeding and expectant mothers who have been found guilty of committing petty offences.The administrative head of the High Court and courts below, explained that prison is not the best place for breastfeeding mothers to dwell and that such categories should be given alternative punishment.She'll call and say, "I want to come see my grandchildren tomorrow at noon." When I remind her that it's their nap time and ask her to come in the morning or late afternoon, she'll say, "Let me check my schedule." Then she'll call Rob and insist that noon tomorrow is the only time she can make it, and he'll say, "Come on over.The boys can nap some other time." He's not the one who has to deal with them when they're cranky and exhausted from having their schedule disrupted!Kim thinks her mother-in-law is too intrusive and demanding. " — and if I complain to Rob, he tells me I'm being too sensitive. She asks me incredibly personal questions — "How much do you spend on clothes each month? When's the last time you made my son his favorite chicken dish?And so, for the people to act the way that they did – and I understood the boos.

She added that out of the 85 female inmates under her custody, seven of them are breastfeeding.On top of that she insists we have a family dinner at her house every Tuesday, and he gets annoyed if I want to make other plans.Since we've had children, the situation has gotten totally out of hand.But when I get mad, he accuses me of being inflexible and of being disrespectful to his mom.Well, nobody seems to respect me, including my husband. We've been arguing about this stuff more and more, and his mother has picked up on the tension.Imprisonment should be an exception rather than a goal so people should not rush to impose imprisonment sentences when there are other options to save the mother from going to prison and save an innocent child from going to prison," he said.


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