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Visit for more information Easily accessible from Gauteng, the Coach House Hotel & Spa offers world-class hospitality and luxurious comfort in one of South Africa’s most tranquil settings.

Internationally known as one of Africa’s leading country hotels, this gracious estate is situated on 560 hectares in the lush sub-tropical Letaba district of Limpopo.

Your acceptance of these terms and conditions is invoked on the date on which you first use this site.Deluxe hotels are set in unique and spectacular locations, these are the jewels in our crown.Offering luxurious and spacious accommodation, fine dining, superior facilities and amenities, all combined with an uncompromising level of service.Instrumental smooth music clouds the space from the likes of Mariah Carey and Brian Mc Knight.Below the houses original low-hanging chandelier, a coffee table exhibits Brooklyn The Centennial Edition, signed by author Brian Merlis, and In Our Own Image Treasured African American Traditions, Journeys and Icons by Patrick Henry Bass and Karen Pugh.This event showcases the sounds of both Akwaaba Music & NYEGE NYEGE FESTIVAL 2017, with a line-up combining some of the most innovative afro electronic artists and producers from both Kenya and Ghana.


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